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Our goal is to learn from other hacker & maker spaces, fablabs, computer clubs and other nerd assemblies of all sorts around the globe. That's why we like to visit those locations whenever we get a chance to while being abroad. Ideally this may lead to a return visit, the exchange of good ideas and lasting friendships. If you're visiting the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main metropolitan region or if you're an exchange student, please consider dropping by. You're also welcome outside the official open space hours, please drop us a line on IRC (#schaffenburg @, Facebook, WhatsApp, E-Mail. We've experienced very warm welcomes, interesting conversations and great hospitality in other spaces and we indend to provide the same! And bring your hackerspace passports :)

Our foreign affairs officer is Fraxinas

Guests from abroad

Makerspace Nanaimo's Chris Gerlinsky

Visited us: 2018-08-16

Alex and Nico from Project Vulca

Spaces we've visited


Roglab Ljubljana

Visited by Hendi, December 18, 2018. Just a short unscheduled visit, met Ivan and Tanya there, preparing a laser cutting workshop.

Fablab located close to city center at the bank of the Lubljanica river, housed in two "upcycled" former goods containers, 46.050791N, 14.516106E

  • Laser printer, CNC mill, several filament deposition printers and a laser lithography printer, cutting plotter and t-shirt press available.
  • Small and cozy space.
  • Open about every day, regular workshops to teach guests about the tools and machines.
  • Member of FabLabNet - Interreg EU Programme, Housing containers aquired by a EU programme for reuse of industrial material, too.

Brmlab Prague

Visited by: Fraxinas, 2011-10-26

Make Riga

Visited by: Fraxinas, 2017-12-30 Situated in an engineering institute 30 minutes (by tram) outside Riga city center. Very notable activity: A hacking olympics in 2016 which consisted of multiple quests to solve, ranging from theoretical computer science, hacking, amateur radio, mechanical puzzles. Thank arsenijs for the tour!

Hacklab Helsinki

Visited by: Fraxinas, 2018-03-01

Helsinki Hacklab resides in a basement of a crafts business building 20 minutes (by car) outside Helsinki city center. They have 400+ m² which divide into

  • a storage area (1 plastic box per member)
  • a metal workshop (incl. lathe, drill press, welding equipment, smelting furnace...)
  • a big lounge / seminar room with adjacent kitchen
  • small library room
  • CNC workshop with adjacent paint spraying room
  • electronics workshop
  • a room sublet for the "Finnish Space Agency" / builders of model rockets
  • a very big wood workshop with adjacent sublet workshop for a professional joiner

Hacklab Tampere

Visited by: Fraxinas, 2018-03-02

It is situated in a commercial area 10 minutes (by car) outside Tampere centrum.

  • Over 300 members
  • 150W laser cutter
  • plasma cutter

Entry system by a GSM module which recoginzes caller IDs

Thanks to Ketturi & Otto for the tour!

All the Finish hackerspaces are part of the collective. This is a very interesting approach which reminds us a bit of some of the ideas of Chaos Computer Club (CCC) which we are losely associated with. It gives the Finish hackerspaces a concerted voice when it comes to political discussions. This is something that in Germany the CCC raises the claim of, our hacker spaces really aren't really a political discussion partner yet because they lack an umbrella organization.

Altlab Lisboa

NOT visited by: Fraxinas, 2018-05-08

  • Altlab is the only Portuguese Hackerspace listed on
  • supposedly still active, despites few members
  • twitters technews compilations on a weekly base
  • public open day is tuesday (who would have guessed) 21-23h
  • I went there, met 2 other hackers from Germany & Holland in front of the closed door. We waited for >1h, no reply to our twitter message and e-mail (still no reply after a week)
  • pretty poor user experience

Edinburgh Hacklab

Visited by: Fraxinas, 2018-10-26

  • Exists since 2010
  • ~100 members
  • The space is located in Summerhall, the former veterinary college of the University of Edinburgh
  • Split into mainly 4 rooms (are hoping to get additional rooms on the floor to grow)
    • "Main" Room: Conference Room, "Shop" Board for common parts / Arduinos etc., small fridge, minimalist kitchen (only source of Club Mate in Scotland), Hamradio Station, Electronics & Measurement equipment
    • "Metal Workshop": Lathe, Circular and Band Saws, Sanders, Big Router, Welding Equipment
    • "Laser Room": 2 Laser cutters (one is 100W, 2x our size) plus filters and cooling, smaller cnc router
    • "Storage": 2x 3D Printers (Prusa 3, Ultimaker), Member Boxes, Server Rack with their own ISP Endpoint

What I liked best:

  • All rooms and big machines are access restricted with personalized NFC tokens (e.g. Oyster card)
  • "Shop"-wall for often needed electronics items
  • Location in an arts exhibition center / independent conference center / coworking place
  • centralized, laser-cut cash box with separate slots for shop, drinks, donation, laser cutting, 3D printing

Robots & Dinosaurs Sydney

Visited by: virengos 2017-10-07 VisitRobotsDinosaurs07102017

IdeaLab Novi Sad

Visited by: JanT (Diskussion) 22:17, 21. Jun. 2019 (CEST)

  • Exists since 2017?
  •  ? members
  • The space is located on the main campus
  • It is funded by EU and university, so it's very new, shiney and tidy but is not yet fully equipped
  • only two rooms


Trollhöhle Darmstadt

Backspace Bamberg

Entropia Karlsruhe

nerd2nerd Würzburg

Freiraum Ulm

c-base Berlin

Fablab Neckar-Alb Reutlingen

Code for Heilbronn

Frequently visited by Fraxinas (+ byteturtle, Robert, Hendi)

  • very well equipped spacious premises
  • very low membership fee (30€ annually, due to subsidised rent)
  • most of all: they're an extraordinarily good team
  • i've invited their board members to come visit and tell us about their secrets
  • have helped us out with 5 members for the repair café 2018-09-29 !!

CCC Frankfurt am Main

  • Counter-visit from Franz T. 2018-09-4

CCCC (Chaos Computer Club Cologne)

RaumZeitLabor Mannheim